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We’re here. The thick of it. We barely exist to the outside world during the holidays. Our families, pets, friends and anyone else normally deserving of our attention have fell to the wayside. While all the 'normies' who work bank hours are being dismissed from their jobs early, spending time with loved ones and attending company holiday parties; we are doing just the opposite.

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I've been in this industry for some time now and I see some troubling things developing among young cooks.  A number of the things which I am concerned about may not come as any surprise to someone who has been observing, particularly if they have been observing for some time now.  Some of the things may be purely circumstantial or even relative to the area.  However, the most troubling item on this list of developments among this generation of cooks entering our kitchens is purely the lack of willingness.   Of course, if you're reading this after your first few...

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