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Every professional requires certain physical items within their industry in order to execute responsibilities throughout their work day.  There are many obvious examples of these professions and tools that come to mind: A plumbers' monkey-wrench, the police officers handcuffs, a gardeners hand-spade, the masons trowel.  Anyone who truly knows a professional chef is aware of the intimate bond and affection they have for their tools.  We can be obsessive about details that would seem irrelevant to others.  One immediately gravitates towards the thought of a chef and his knives - the constant maintenance and pride held in a well-weathered Japanese...

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I teach cooks everyday. How to be more efficient, work faster, think about their third move before they’ve even made their second - I've just recently realized I am good at this. I watch cooks - I tell them tiny things about their movements that will make their plates come up faster and cleaner.  Cooks watch me - which I still find bizarre, but it requires me to make sure I make every movement count. What is still amazing to me is that when I teach, manage, and expedite - people listen.   I have nearly 20 years of experience...

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