Who We Are

Forked Shirts is a lifestyle brand that caters to service-industry professionals and the hospitality industry. Whether front or back of the house we know we're all family, and this apparel proves it.

Forked Shirts was founded in Jersey City, NJ in 2017 by Clint Ives, a NYC chef. Unlike its competitors, Forked Shirts is committed to offering custom, unique apparel specifically geared towards chefs, servers, bartenders, hosts, porters and everyone grinding it out in the hospitality field. Forked Shirts has an advantage over the competition due to the founder's complete surrender to life in the kitchen. No marketing interns from Madison Ave. create our gear. It's all designed, developed and inspired by hard-working industry folks right here in NY/NJ. 

Clint has been working in the food service for over 20 years. His first job being in a small bakery his parents opened as a side business. Often heard saying “I've never worked retail” forkedshirts.com is Clint's first attempt at work outside of food service.

from "knives and ink"

Clint was raised in NJ, schooled in NY and honed his craft in restaurants across downtown Manhattan. He's seen the NY food scene change year after year, but one thing remains constant, it's a community like none other. Clint wanted to  honor this camaraderie by building a brand we'd all be proud of.

In 2016 he was featured in the book “knives and ink” by Wendi Martin and Isaac Fitzgerald.