fall menu change - How i loved you and now i don't (but should)

fall menu change - How i loved you and now i don't (but should)

Today was the first meal period of the Fall menu at our restaurant.  Vegetables that once excited me now bring reminders of where my life stood one year ago.  On shaky grounds.

Everything was falling apart.  The challenge of opening a new restaurant, my relationship of four years finally coming to a close, the Presidential Election, and the long road ahead without any chance at vacation were all creating a scenario of doom.

Pour some alcohol abuse on top of all of this and you have the exact image of what my life had become - a dumpster fire.


November 7th, Trump happened.  It was such insanity to me that i barely remember, like a victim of a tragedy whose only means of continuing was to block out such an event.  However, I woke up the next day and it was a very real scenario.  We had a new President Elect.

Worked service that night, went home and while cleaning up the debris left behind by my ex-girlfriends moving company I made a split second decision that would forever affect my life.

I dropped a knife.

I caught it on its way down.

...and I squeezed.

I severed the tendons and damaged some nerves of two fingers on my left hand and needed serious surgery.  It was pretty clear from the surgeon right away that my hand would never be the same again.


There would be no menu change for me this year.  

One would think that losing a girlfriend, having insurmountable pain from a devastating and life changing injury, or Trump recently becoming our President-elect would have truly been the issue at hand here.


I wanted fall vegetables.


I got them today but with a very heavy dose of remembering the time of year that everything in my world changed drastically.


The injury was just the End of the Beginning of how it would unfold.




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